"Econometric Analysis of Fed Cattle Procurement in the Texas Panhandle"

Report of
Professor John R. Schroeter of Iowa State University
Professor Azzeddine M. Azzam of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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Part 1
  • Executive Summary
  • Statement of the Question
  • Part 2
  • Objective
  • Background, Motivation, and Specific Objectives
  • Data and Assumptions
  • Are There Systematic Differences among Cattle Procured by Different Methods?
  • Part 3
  • What is the Empirical Relationship between Non-cash Purchases and Sport Market Prices?
  • Part 4
  • What Economic Mechanisms Could be Behind the Empirical Relationships?
  • Part 5
  • Does the Formula Base Price Influence Spot Market Pricing Conduct?
  • Findings and Recommendations
  • Part 6
  • Figures
  • Tables
  • Part 7
  • Appendices
  • References