Enforcement Actions - 2010

GIPSA issues a formal complaint, alleging specific violations, against a firm or individual when it initiates administrative legal action. The formal complaint is filed with the USDA Hearing Clerk's office and served on each accused party, known as a respondent.

Each respondent has a right to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to rebut the charges brought in the complaint. The alleged charges may or may not be proven. Unless the formal complaint is withdrawn, it will be resolved by the issuance of a decision signed by an ALJ. The decision will include the ALJ`s opinion about whether the alleged charges were proven and an order.

The table below lists the formal complaints docketed and related decisions issued for the current fiscal year.

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Records - of



Docket Number

Complaint Filed

Decision/Dismissal Filed

Ambrose, Joe U. Jr. CA D-10-47 11/30/2009
(PDF; 302Kb)
(PDF; 385Kb)
American Beef Packers, Inc. CA D-10-239 04/20/2010
(PDF; 239Kb)
(PDF; 80Kb)
Barnesville Livestock LLC and Darryl Watson OH D-10-58 12/10/2009
(PDF; 1063Kb)
10/13/2011(PDF; 142Kb)
01/23/2012(PDF; 273Kb)
03/01/2012(PDF; 47Kb)
DeStafino, David dba D&D Stockhauling AL D-10-02 10/3/2009
(PDF; 303Kb)
(PDF; 115Kb)
Wolfe, Deward B. and Jonathan Wolfe d.b.a. Wolfe Livestock TN D-10-07 10/08/2009
(PDF; 142Kb)
(PDF; 154Kb)
Dutton, Jeff dba Jeff Dutton Cattle Co. and dba Bar 7 Cattle Co. TX D-10-53 12/03/2009
(PDF; 410Kb)
03/29/2010(PDF; 373Kb)
07/02/2010(PDF; 28Kb)
Edwards, H.D. AZ D-10-296 05/26/2010
(PDF; 167Kb)
01/06/2012(PDF; 37Kb)
EMM Pig Placement Co., LLC IA D-10-9 11/05/2009
(PDF; 158Kb)
07/07/2010(PDF; 231Kb)
08/24/2010(PDF; 288Kb)
Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc. PA D-10-109 02/04/2010
(PDF; 141Kb)
03-9-2011(PDF; 141Kb)
07-23-2011(PDF; 400Kb)
04-12-2012(PDF; 170Kb)
First World Management Services, Inc., dba Bios Zabeeha Halal Foods and Tahawwur H. Rana IL D-10-237 04/19/2010
(PDF; 197Kb)
(PDF; 149Kb)
Freeman, Randy TX D-10-013 10/15/2009
(PDF; 124Kb)
(PDF; 118Kb)
Gonzalez, George TX D-10-218 04/09/2010
(PDF; 135Kb)
(PDF; 46Kb)
Hale, Richard ID D-10-01 10/02/2009
(PDF; 336Kb)
(PDF; 85Kb)
Herreid Livestock Auction Inc. and Joe Varner SD D-10-08 10/09/2009
(PDF; 129Kb)
(PDF; 164Kb)
Holder, Sam D. aka Bill Holder, and Mark K. Holder, dba Trousdale County Livestock Market TN D-10-52 12/03/2009
(PDF; 139Kb)
(PDF; 132Kb)
Jeffers, Charles OH D-10-455 09/29/2010
(PDF; 132Kb)
(PDF; 240Kb)
JBS USA, LLC, f/k/a Swift & Company and Swift Pork Company DE D-10-457 09/30/2010
(PDF; 177Kb)
(PDF; 137Kb)
John Morrell & Co. DE D-10-141 02/25/2010
(PDF; 199Kb)
(PDF; 179Kb)
Lake Odessa Livestock Auction, Inc., and LaVerne Lettinga MI D-10-452 10/01/2010
(PDF; 358Kb)
(PDF; 110Kb)
Lundgren, John WA D-10-151 03/03/2010
(PDF; 188Kb)
07/21/2010(PDF; 118Kb)
08/31/2010(PDF; 118Kb)
Martin, Lonnie and Karen PA D-10-234 04/15/2010
(PDF; 311Kb)
03/10/2011(PDF; 173Kb)
08/23/2011(PDF; 39Kb)
Mellott, Gregory A. PA D-10-06 10/08/2009
(PDF; 183Kb)
(PDF; 98Kb)
Murray, Daniel IA D-10-294 05/26/2010
(PDF; 144Kb)
(PDF; 157Kb)
New Wilmington Livestock Auction and Thomas R. Skelton PA D-10-233 04/15/2010
(PDF; 139Kb)
(PDF; 131Kb)
Noah's Ark Processors Corp. aka Noah's Ark Processors, LLC MN D-10-51 12/02/2009
(PDF; 132Kb)
(PDF; 102Kb)
Ravenna Auction, LLC, and LaVerne Lettinga MI D-10-459 09/30/2010
(PDF; 315Kb)
(PDF; 110Kb)
Roth, Terry dba Indian Creek Meadows MO D-10-62 12/22/2009
(PDF; 163Kb)
(PDF; 118Kb)
Royal Halal Meat, Inc. MI D-10-379 08/06/2010
(PDF; 135Kb)
03/1/2011(PDF; 53Kb)
07/05/2011(PDF; 16Kb)
Saavedra, Efren, Jr. dba Ft. Worth & Company NM D-10-33 11/17/2009
(PDF; 223Kb)
(PDF; 195Kb)
Saavedra, Ruben S., Jr. NM D-10-34 11/13/2009
(PDF; 228Kb)
(PDF; 89Kb)
Sbeta, Gailal and Mesallem, Mohammed dba Islamic Meat and Poultry CA D-10-81 01/22/2010
(PDF; 139Kb)
(PDF; 182Kb)
Schmidt, Duane SD D-10-205 04/02/2010
(PDF; 151Kb)
(PDF; 88Kb)
Tallgrass Beef Company KS D-10-206 04/07/2010
(PDF; 944Kb)
(PDF; 178Kb)
Thompson, Eugene WY D-10-79 01/21/2010
(PDF; 140Kb)
(PDF; 902Kb)
Trindade, Robert and Patricia CA D-10-297 05/11/2010
(PDF; 464Kb)
(PDF; 139Kb)
Unger, Randall J. d/b/a/ Lake Area Livestock Marketing SD D-10-458 09/30/2010
(PDF; 186Kb)
02/09/2012(PDF; 268Kb)
04/06/2012(PDF; 501Kb)
Vang, Kao and Thao, Chue dba California Fresh Meats CA D-10-65 12/28/2009
(PDF; 170Kb)
07/07/2012(PDF; 349Kb)
08/17/2012(PDF; 33Kb)
Vermilion Ranch, Co., d.b.a. Northern Livestock Video Auction MT D-10-295 05/26/2010
(PDF; 114Kb)
(PDF; 124Kb)
Walton, Curtis dba Walton Livestock IN D-10-66 12/23/2009
(PDF; 130Kb)
(PDF; 118Kb)
Wolfe, Deward B. and Wolfe, Jonathon dba Wolfe Livestock TN D-10-07 10/08/2009
(PDF; 139Kb)
(PDF; 118Kb)
WW Boer Goats, Inc. aka Boer Meat Goats, LLC and Frank Willis OK D-10-238 04/19/2010
(PDF; 294Kb)
(PDF; 153Kb)
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