Enforcement Actions - 2007

GIPSA issues a formal complaint, alleging specific violations, against a firm or individual when it initiates administrative legal action. The formal complaint is filed with the USDA Hearing Clerk's office and served on each accused party, known as a respondent.

Each respondent has a right to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to rebut the charges brought in the complaint. The alleged charges may or may not be proven. Unless the formal complaint is withdrawn, it will be resolved by the issuance of a decision signed by an ALJ. The decision will include the ALJ`s opinion about whether the alleged charges were proven and an order.

The table below lists the formal complaints docketed and related decisions issued for the current fiscal year.

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Docket Number

Complaint Filed

Decision/Dismissal Filed

Smith, Alexander Carr TN D-07-157   01/11/08
(PDF; 238Kb)
Atlantic Veal and Lamb, Inc., Philip Peerless and Martin Weiner NY D-07-29   02/07/07
(PDF; 281Kb)
Tindel, Bobby T. TX D-07-30   04/24/07
(PDF; 390Kb)
Powell, Charles Ronald , d/b/a Ronnie Powell Livestock NC D-07-31   02/07/07
(PDF; 190Kb)
Baker, Edward M. dba Baker and Baker Livestock MD D-07-32   03/16/07
(PDF; 214Kb)
Keaton, Leroy and Keaton,Todd d/b/a/ Keaton Cattle Company TX D-07-34   04/05/07
(PDF; 221Kb)
Diehl, J. Edward PA D-07-43   03/20/07
(PDF; 194Kb)
Central LS Corporation and Rusell M. Frederick d/b/a Atlas Cattle Company KS D-07-52 01/18/2007
(PDF; 715Kb)
(PDF;321 Kb)
Smithfield Beef Group, Inc., d/b/a Moyer Packing Company PA D-07-53 01/18/2007
(PDF; 133Kb)
(PDF; 385Kb)
Benton Packing Company Inc. and Arthur F. "Tinker" Green AR D-07-54 10/27/2007
(PDF; 290Kb)
(PDF; 127Kb)
Wharton Livestock Auction, Inc., and Herman W. (Billy) Schwertner TX D-07-55 01/26/2007
(PDF; 236Kb)
(PDF; 250Kb)
Clemens, Douglas , d/b/a Monticello Livestock Sales IA D-07-56   06/06/08
(PDF; 142Kb)
Kvasnicka, Clinton KS D-07-72   03/07/08
(PDF; 120Kb)
Fox Creek Cattle, Inc., and Carolyn Sorrell KY D-07-74   12/07/07
(PDF; 125Kb)
Wald, Anton L. and Wald, John B. dba Wald Livestock LA D-07-78   01/18/08
(PDF; 123Kb)
United Producers, Inc., Respondent OH D-07-79   06/01/07
(PDF; 225Kb)
Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation KS D-07-85   10/19/07
(PDF; 113Kb)
Southwest Livestock Exchange, Inc. TX D-07-86   11/29/07
(PDF; 160Kb)
Beyer and Funderburgh d/b/a ABF Packing, Ltd. TX D-07-93   11/12/09
(PDF; 279Kb)
Joplin Regional Stockyards, Inc. MO D-07-98   07/13/07
(PDF; 217Kb)
McMurtry, Ty Wayne TX D-07-99   12/07/07
(PDF; 134Kb)
Tankersley, James Gary d/b/a Express Meats GA D-07-101   06/30/08
(PDF; 120Kb)
Bint, Lynn d/b/a KO Cattle Co, Respondent TX D-07-124   10/30/07
(PDF; 118Kb)
Martin, Lonnie PA D-07-127 06/13/2007
(PDF; 134Kb)
(PDF; 118Kb)
Bob Evans Farms, Inc., Respondent OH D-07-146   08/03/09
(PDF; 110Kb)
Thompson, Gary LA D-07-162 07/27/2007
(PDF; 172Kb)
(PDF; 32Kb)
Dance, Clifford F. and Whitfield, Mike dba Gowan Stockyards, Respondents MS D-07-163 07/27/2007
(PDF; 117Kb)
(PDF; 142Kb)
Springfield Livestock Marketing Center, LLC, Respondent MO D-07-167 08/07/2007
(PDF; 108Kb)
(PDF; 100Kb)
Sawyer, W.L. , d.b.a. Sawyer Livestock Co. KY D-07-172 08/16/2007
(PDF; 215Kb)
(PDF; 68Kb)
Lewis, Dustin aka Dusty Lewis NE D-07-178 08/31/2007
(PDF; 238Kb)
(PDF; 227Kb)
Bartles, Christopher J. , d/b/a Bartles Packing OR D-07-179   08/04/08
(PDF; 103Kb)
E.N.A. Meat Packing Corporation NJ D-07-202 09/21/2007
(PDF; 185Kb)
(PDF; 224Kb)
North Texas Horse Sales, LLP, Respondent TX D-07-071 03/05/2007
(PDF; 100Kb)
(PDF; 71Kb)
Berry & Sons, Rababeh Islamic Slaughterhouse, Inc., Respondent MI D-07-100 04/27/2007
(PDF; 178Kb)
(PDF; 311Kb)
Baumert, Timothy R., Respondent PA D-07-190 04/27/2007
(PDF; 179Kb)
(PDF; 741Kb)
Bond, Randall, Respondent TX D-07-087 03/30/2007
(PDF; 161Kb)
(PDF; 227Kb)
Bott, Michael V. and Bott, Tomy, Respondents TX D-07-173 08/16/2007
(PDF; 195Kb)
(PDF; 254Kb)
Colorado City Livestock Market, LLC, and James W. "Jim" Calvert, Respondents TX D-07-073 03/05/2007
(PDF; 347Kb)
(PDF; 736Kb)
Dane Fine Meat Packing, Dane Fine, Respondent PA D-07-042 12/14/2006
(PDF; 139Kb)
Forester's 4-F Cattle Co, Inc., Respondent TX D-07-151 06/26/2007
(PDF; 229Kb)
Friedrich, Ewald Jr., Respondent TX D-07-203 09/24/2007
(PDF; 195Kb)
(PDF; 242Kb)
Hominy Livestock Market, Douglas Todd Mayfield, Respondent OK D-07-156 06/29/2007
(PDF; 295Kb)
Johnson, Danny L., Respondent KY D-07-188 09/07/2007
(PDF; 310Kb)
(PDF; 162Kb)
Frissel, Kent, Respondent NE D-07-0051 01/18/07
(PDF; 191Kb)
(PDF; 191Kb)
Leslie, Jim L., Respondent OK D-07-0049 09/20/2007
(PDF; 191Kb)
Landon Livestock, L.L.c. and Richard A. Landon, Respondents ID D-07-199 09/20/2007
(PDF; 209Kb)
(PDF; 158Kb)
Leslie, Jim L., Respondent OK D-07-049   09/20/2007
(PDF; 225Kb)
PM Beef Holdings, LLC, Respondent MN D-07-009 10/23/2007
(PDF; 307Kb)
Swift & Company d/b/a Swift Beef Company, Respondent CO D-07-192 09/13/2007
(PDF; 128Kb)
Wright, Mark, Respondent MN D-07-193 09/13/2007
(PDF; 160Kb)
(PDF; 58Kb)
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