Enforcement Actions - 1998

GIPSA issues a formal complaint, alleging specific violations, against a firm or individual when it initiates administrative legal action. The formal complaint is filed with the USDA Hearing Clerk's office and served on each accused party, known as a respondent.

Each respondent has a right to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to rebut the charges brought in the complaint. The alleged charges may or may not be proven. Unless the formal complaint is withdrawn, it will be resolved by the issuance of a decision signed by an ALJ. The decision will include the ALJ`s opinion about whether the alleged charges were proven and an order.

The table below lists the formal complaints docketed and related decisions issued for the current fiscal year.

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Records - of



Docket Number

Complaint Filed

Decision/Dismissal Filed

Lovington Livestock Market, Inc., Jim Gray and Cindy Gray NM D-98-01   1/12/99
(PDF; 342Kb)
Pajerski Foods, Inc. dba Pork King Packing, Inc., and Thomas Mileski IL D-98-03   01/30/98
(PDF; 179Kb)
Tom Hodge MS D-98-04   4/20/98
(PDF; 153Kb)
Tom Hodge, Supplemental Order MS D-98-04b   10/20/00
(PDF; 74Kb)
Kenneth Wolfe LA D-98-05   4/30/98
(PDF; 207Kb)
S. Kelly Downey KS D-98-06   01/30/98
(PDF; 135Kb)
Watson H. Coker d/b/a Coker Livestock and William H. Coker SC D-98-07   4/13/99
(PDF; 266Kb)
Central Livestock Corporation and Russell M. Frederick KS D-98-08   03/14/00
(PDF; 329Kb)
John Lustig Meats, Inc., and John S. Lustig, Jr. PA D-98-09   11/13/98
(PDF; 193Kb)
Mountain Home Livestock Auction, Inc. AR D-98-10   2/9/99
(PDF; 188Kb)
Ernest A. Douglas WY D-98-11   8/3/99
(PDF; 201Kb)
Ogden Livestock Auction, Inc., Dean Barrow, Duane Bitton, Kent Spencer and Kirk Hansen UT D-98-14   2/22/99
(PDF; 336Kb)
Ogden Livestock Auction, Inc., Dean Barrow, Duane Bitton, Kent Spencer and Kirk Hansen UT D-98-14b   2/5/99
(PDF; 333Kb)
Valley Livestock Auction Inc., Buddy D. Wagoner, and Carolyn M. Wagoner NM D-98-15   02/08/00
(PDF; 244Kb)
Lee Gashel & Sons, Inc. and Kenneth L. Gashel PA D-98-16   11/2/98
(PDF; 233Kb)
Tommy W. Welch and Rhoda V. Welch, a/k/a Vickie Welch NC D-98-17   11/3/98
(PDF; 202Kb)
Hawk Mountain Poultry, Inc., Brothers Poultry, Inc., and Charles Saletan NJ D-98-18   4/22/99
(PDF; 347Kb)
Allen Clark Inc. and Howard Foulkrod PA D-98-19   7/22/99
(PDF; 346Kb)
Buford Watson, Jr., a/t/a Pete Watson and TW&W TN D-98-20   9/30/98
(PDF; 321Kb)
Patrick Daly, d/b/a Daly Livestock, Glen Burkle and Earl Burkle MN D-98-21   3/19/99
(PDF; 297Kb)
Mark V. Porter d/b/a/ MVP Farms WA D-98-22   11/24/98
(PDF; 644Kb)
Ned Maryott d/b/a Maryott Livestock SD D-98-23   6/22/98
(PDF; 165Kb)
Mississippi Livestock Producers Association MS D-98-24   8/17/98
(PDF; 194Kb)
Athens Livestock Auction Company, Inc. and Jerry Armstrong TX D-98-25   5/7/99
(PDF; 240Kb)
Nicholas Meat Packing Co., and Eugene A. Nicholas PA D-98-26   9/29/98
(PDF; 214Kb)
Marysville Enterprises Inc., dba Marysville Hog Buying Company, James L Breeding, and Byron E. Thoreson   D-98-27   01/04/00
(PDF; 4639Kb)
Marysville Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Marysville Hog Buying Co., James L. Breeding, and Byron E. Thoreson, Supplemental Order as to Respondent James L. Breeding   D-98-27a   7/14//03
(PDF; 76Kb)
Lynn R. Hottle PA D-98-28   12/1/98
(PDF; 238Kb)
Mark A. Miller KS D-98-29   2/17/99
(PDF; 156Kb)
Jim Aron   D-98-30   1/20/99
(PDF; 1536Kb)
S.A. Halal Meat, Inc. and Mohammed Arshad NY D-98-31   12/16/98
(PDF; 261Kb)
Ronald R. Cearley and Joy F. Cearley, a/k/a Cearley Management Partnership, d/b/a Douglas County Livestock Commission and Valley Livestock Exchange OR D-98-32   5/11/99
(PDF; 245Kb)
Orville L. Pettersen and Sandra K. Pettersen, d/b/a Pettersen Livestock MN D-98-33   11/20/98
(PDF; 253Kb)
Press Harmon (Andy) Andrews d/b/a AA Livestock AL D-98-34   2/5/99
(PDF; 364Kb)
Nolan Ulmer dba NU Cattle and NU Cattle Company CO D-98-35   09/01/99
(PDF; 402Kb)
Charles L. Hamborsky PA D-98-36   07/03/00
(PDF; 458Kb)
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