Enforcement Actions - 1997

GIPSA issues a formal complaint, alleging specific violations, against a firm or individual when it initiates administrative legal action. The formal complaint is filed with the USDA Hearing Clerk's office and served on each accused party, known as a respondent.

Each respondent has a right to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to rebut the charges brought in the complaint. The alleged charges may or may not be proven. Unless the formal complaint is withdrawn, it will be resolved by the issuance of a decision signed by an ALJ. The decision will include the ALJ`s opinion about whether the alleged charges were proven and an order.

The table below lists the formal complaints docketed and related decisions issued for the current fiscal year.

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Records - of



Docket Number

Complaint Filed

Decision/Dismissal Filed

John Ed Morken d/b/a Northwestern Cattle Company MN D-97-01   6/15/98
(PDF; 221Kb)
Tina Livestock Sales, Inc., vs. Travis Witt   R-97-01   11/12/96
(PDF; 163Kb)
Willie L. Hill AL D-97-02   12/30/96
(PDF; 163Kb)
Hugh T. Hennessey, d/b/a Hennessey Cattle Co., Sixes River Cattle Co., Earnest A. Bussmann, and Peter E. Bussmann OR D-97-03   7/13/98
(PDF; 863Kb)
Keith W. Swiney MO D-97-04   02/27/97
(PDF; 135Kb)
Harry Clifton Reed TX D-97-05   02/10/97
(PDF; 140Kb)
David Riswold SD D-97-06   03/17/97
(PDF; 197Kb)
Michael K. Michael, Sr., d/b/a South Hill Livestock VA D-97-07   4/15/98
(PDF; 163Kb)
Benita Robinson AL D-97-09   05/06/97
(PDF; 131Kb)
Tommy Hanback d/b/a H&H Livestock AL D-97-11   03/31/97
(PDF; 125Kb)
Larreen Susan Becherer and Becherer Feeder Pig Company IL D-97-12   03/26/97
(PDF; 221Kb)
Gerald G. Milosevich PA D-97-13   03/17/97
(PDF; 61Kb)
Pasquale V. Leone NY D-97-14   03/19/97
(PDF; 144Kb)
Kiran Enterprises, Inc., t/a Trenton Halal Meat Packing Co., and Mohammad S. Malik NJ D-97-15   06/21/97
(PDF; 204Kb)
Joe Varner, Bagley Livestock Exchange, Inc., and Rich Prairie Livestock Exchange, Inc. MN D-97-16   11/20/97
(PDF; 245Kb)
Sechler Foods and Scott I. Sechler NJ D-97-17
(PDF; 185Kb)
(PDF; 754Kb)
Prindle Leasing Co., Inc. d/b/a Joseph Latella & Sons and Peter A. Latella, Sr. CT D-97-18   4/23/98
(PDF; 184Kb)
D&R Livestock Inc. and Donnie Richards TN D-97-20   3/25/98
(PDF; 408Kb)
Larry F. Wooten and Roswell Livestock Auction Sales, Inc. NM D-97-21   10/29/99
(PDF; 4014Kb)
Walter M. Brindley d/b/a Sturgis Livestock Exchange SD D-97-24   07/10/97
(PDF; 146Kb)
Garfield R. Freeze VA D-97-25   10/29/98
(PDF; 142Kb)
Cimarron Properties, Ltd. and Wall Lake Cattle Co., Inc. d/b/a Midlands Cattle Company and Gordon Reisinger IA D-97-26   7/22/98
(PDF; 242Kb)
Thanh Cong Tran d/b/a Brookshire Packing Co. TX D-97-27   09/19/97
(PDF; 132Kb)
Allied Food Group, Inc., and Moez Ghermezian IA D-97-28   09/26/97
(PDF; 157Kb)
Terry Rhoades TX D-97-29   11/14/97
(PDF; 210Kb)
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