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FGIS 1020.2 05/07/1992 Listing of Agricultural and Food Commodities Assigned to FGIS (PDF; 12Kb) FM-PPB
FGIS 1513.1 08/16/1982 Legal Assistance Available From Office of the General Counsel (PDF; 15Kb) FGIS-CP
FGIS 1520.1 02/03/1993 Appearance in Judicial and Administrative Proceedings (PDF; 15Kb) FGIS-CP
FGIS 1521.1 12/14/1977 Prohibitions on Ex Parte Communications, Exhibits A, B, and C (PDF; 13Kb) FGIS-CP
MRP 1620.1 06/18/2003 Changes to Space and Lease of Field Offices and Facilities (PDF; 24Kb) MRPBS-ASD-PSD
FGIS 2130.1 10/15/1982 Debt Management Internal Controls (PDF; 15Kb) APHIS-WFSB
FGIS 2220.3 06/08/1982 Collecting Debts Due the Federal Government and Computing Late Payment Charges on Overdue Accounts. Exhibit B 6/8/82 Exhibit A revised 12-21-82. (PDF; 17Kb) APHIS-WFSB
FGIS 2220.1 11/01/1996 Billing Document Completion Procedures for Grain Inspection by FGIS in the United States (PDF; 12Kb) FM-OD
MRP 2301.1 07/23/1998 MRP Supplements to the Agriculture Travel Regulations (PDF; 8Kb) APHIS-ABS
FGIS 3010.2 09/01/2018 Policies, Procedures, and Guidance Issuance (PDF; 154Kb) FGIS-PPB
MRP 3010.2 07/26/2004 MRP Issuance System (PDF; 9Kb) ITD-AIM-FIRM
FGIS 3020.1 11/08/1989 FGIS Forms Management Program (PDF; 9Kb) ASD-IMB
MRP 3040.2 08/12/1998 MRP Records Management Program (PDF; 8Kb) ABS-FIRM
MRP 3040.3 08/12/1998 MRP Electronic Records Management Program (PDF; Kb) ABS-FIRM
MRP 3050.1 08/16/2001 MRP Mail Management Program (PDF; 12Kb) MRP-BS-ASD
MRP 3051.1 08/16/2001 MRP Mailing List Management Program - Headquarters and Field Offices (PDF; 16Kb) MRP-BS-ASD
MRP 4030.1 10/29/2010 Category Rating and Selection Policy (PDF; 23Kb) APHIS-HRD
MRP 4080.1 09/12/2001 MRP Transit Incentive Program - Issuance Change 1 dated 11-02-2012 (PDF; 20Kb) MRPHRD-EP
MRP 4300.2 03/31/2011 Reasonable Accommodations Program (PDF; 71Kb) MRP-HRD-WRWB
P&SP 4302.1 05/05/2010 Employment of Attorneys (PDF; 35Kb) PSP
MRP 4335.1 06/12/2000 Merit Promotion Plan (PDF; 52Kb) MRPHR-ECP
FGIS 4335.2 01/16/1978 Grading Proficiency Required for Promotion to GS-9 (PDF; 109Kb) FM-PPB
FGIS 4335.3 10/17/1978 Proficiency Evaluation for Grain Under the USGSA and Rice Under the AMA (PDF; 441Kb) FM-PPB
MRP 4339.1 09/08/2003 Medical Qualification Determinations for Appointment to Covered Positions within Marketing and Regulatory Programs (PDF; 40Kb)
Issuance Change 1 dated 12-8-03 Issuance Change 2 dated 8-16-04
MRP 4351.1 03/25/2013 Reduction-In-Force (PDF; 164KB) MRPHR-HRSE
MRP 4368.1 06/07/2011 Telework Program - Issuance Change 1 dated 11-2-12 (PDF; 17kb) MRPHRD-EP
MRP 4413.1 10/15/1998 Career Enhancement Program (PDF; 16Kb) MRPHR-ECP
MRP 4451.1 09/08/2016 Awards and Recognition (PDF; 82Kb)
Attachment 1 (PDF; 21Kb), Attachment 2 (PDF; 12Kb),
Attachment 3 (PDF; 190Kb), Attachment 4 (PDF; 187Kb),
Attachment 5 (PDF; 186Kb), Attachment 6 (PDF; 190Kb),
Attachment 7 (PDF; 187Kb), Attachment 8 (PDF; 8Kb)
MRP 4500.1 10/03/2012 Recruitment and Retention Incentives (PDF; 20Kb) MRPBS-HREB
MRP 4531.1 03/25/2013 Salary Rate Determinations (PDF; 42Kb) MRPBS-HRPB
MRP 4537.1 03/07/2003 Repayment of Student Loans (PDF; 16Kb) MRPHRD-HREB
MRP 4550.1 06/28/1999 Electronic Funds Transfer (PDF; 24Kb) MRPHR-ECP
MRP 4550.2 03/18/2002 Premium Pay Issuance Change 2 dated 11/19/02 (PDF; 20Kb)
MRP 4591.1 07/25/2000 Uniform Allowance and Wearing Guidelines (PDF; 21Kb) MRPHR-ECP
MRP 4610.1 09/28/2001 Tours of Duty (PDF; 24Kb)
MRP 4630.1 04/01/2006 Absence and Leave (PDF; 20Kb) APHIS-HRD
MRP 4771.1 09/08/2006 Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP) Administrative Grievance System (PDF; 16Kb) MRP
FGIS 4790.3 04/11/2013 Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment (PDF; 25Kb) CP-SIMB
FGIS 4790.5 05/29/2014 Office Safety (PDF; 46Kb) GIPSA-MSS
MRP 5003.1 08/15/2012 Appropriations Restrictions for Financial Transactions with Felons and Tax Delinquent Corporations (PDF; 42Kb) MRPBS-ODA
MRP 5036.1 09/04/2003 MRP Construction Management Policy (PDF; 116Kb) MRPBS-ASD-EBS
MRP 5101.1 02/05/2001 Real Property Management (PDF; 12Kb) MRP-BS-ESB
FGIS 5130.2 06/05/1985 Disposal of Excess Agricultural Commodities (PDF; 16Kb)
Form AD-107 (PDF; 66Kb)
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