The USDA Guide 65 Program

The GVP conducts voluntary conformity assessments and accreditation audits for certification agencies to determine compliance to the International Organization for Standardization Guide 65:1996 General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems.

ISO Guide 65 specifies the general requirements that a third-party operating a product or service certification system must meet if it is to be recognized as competent and reliable. Adherence to the USDA ISO Guide 65 Program ensures that the certification agency operates a third-party certification system in a consistent and reliable manner.

The USDA ISO Guide 65 Program is available to companies operating certification standards for the production, handling or marketing of grain, oilseeds, pulses and other agricultural products or services that are within the scope of the Federal Grain Inspection Service.


To operate an approved USDA Guide 65 Program, suppliers must submit a documented quality management system to the Federal Grain Inspection Service, Process Verified Program and successfully pass an audit according to the following procedures: