The Multi-Site Verification Program

The USDA Multi-Site Verification Program (MSVP) expands the existing USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) by facilitating the approval of a company that has extended its quality management system (QMS) to a network of operations in different locations. The MSVP provides confidence that all parties conform to the PVP while being practical and feasible in economic and operative terms.

The policies and procedures established for the Process Verified Program are applicable to the MSVP. The primary company must meet all requirements set out in APPENDIX 1; the secondary companies must meet all requirements of APPENDIX 1 except those that are specific to Management.

The number of audits is reduced through a statistic sampling method. For example, a company with 10 secondary sites could expect between 2 and 4 audits per year.


To operate an approved MSVP, suppliers must submit documented quality management systems to the Federal Grain Inspection Service, Verification Programs and successfully pass an audit according to the following procedures: