Grain Quality or Weight Discrepancies

A buyer can report a grain or weight quality discrepancy that arises between origin and destination through the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) agricultural representative at the U.S. Embassy located in their country. The FAS office in Washington, DC is notified and in turn contacts the GIPSA's Departmental Initiatives and International Affairs (DIIA). DIIA also accepts discrepancy notifications reported directly to our office.

GIPSA retains official file samples drawn at the time of the original inspection for 90 days after loading. When an importer reports a discrepancy within that period, we send the samples to our Technology and Science Division (TSD) laboratory for analysis. The field office sends all pertinent documents regarding the shipment to us for review. GIPSA also analyzes data provided from destination, then prepares a report of findings from all available information. The purpose of the review is to verify whether the original quality inspection and certification were in fact correct and to determine, insofar as possible, what factors may have contributed to a discrepancy in results at destination. GIPSA does not issue new certificates based on this review. This review is not intended to replace provisions for claims or arbitration in the contract between the importer and supplier.

If a buyer reports repeated discrepancies which are not resolved by a shipment-by-shipment review, DIIA explores alternatives for resolving the discrepancy, which might involve conducting collaborative sample studies or joint monitoring activities.

If you would like more information about these activities, please contact the FAS agricultural representative at the U.S. Embassy in your country or GIPSA directly at telephone (202) 720-0226 or fax to (202) 690-3951.