Quality Assurance

The Federal Grain Inspection Service's (FGIS) quality control program involves correlating front-line inspectors to our standard references located at the FGIS Technology and Science Division's Board Of Appeals and Review (BAR) in Kansas City, Missouri.

A network of field offices perform training and supervision of front line inspectors in their area to ensure all types of inspection results correlate with the BAR's standard reference. For example, interpretative line slides approved by the BAR are used by all inspectors to ensure that they are interpreting visual characteristics found in a sample in the same way.

FGIS is upgrading its ability to analyze quality control data to ensure consistent results nationwide by providing each field office state-of-the-art computers and a specially designed software program. Field offices will be able to modify the program to meet the needs of the local marketplace, and analyze data in various ways to ensure accurate inspections are being performed.

Details about our quality program can be found in the FGIS Quality Handbook. (PDF; 186Kb)

Quality Management Program for GIPSA's Official Service Providers

Quality Management Program Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF; 128Kb)

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