GIPSA Proficiency Program:  Historical Record
Participant Nippon Yuryo Kentei Kyokai Yokohama Lab.
Percentage Correct for Each Biotech Event
Participant   Corn Events Soybean Event
Identification Month/Year Test Used 35S NOS T25 CBH351 MON810 GA21 E176 Bt11 NK603 Cry1Ab* CP4 EPSPS
200205-23 May 2002 Protein NR** NR 83.3%*** 100%*** NR NR NR NR 100%*** 58.3%*** 100.0%
*Cry1Ab is the protein produced in events MON810, E176 and Bt11, and it is impossible to differentiate among this events using a protein-based test. 
          E176 produces very low levels of the protein and therefore a sample was considered positive if it contained event MON810 and/or event Bt11.
**NR indicates No Result was reported by the participant.
***Samples were analyzed using a protein-based test(s), but the fortification level was below the Limit of Detection for this particular test.