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Overview of the Directive System

Internet Access

The Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA), Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) posts current FGIS directives on the GIPSA website so that persons with Internet capabilities may view them on our web site. The directives are in PDF format, which allows them to be printed directly from the website.

Maintenance Aids

FGIS set up a "Table of Contents" as a maintenance aid to assist users in locating information and identifying current issuances. The FGIS Table of Contents, also maintained on the Internet, contains this overview and three sections, the directives (administrative and program), program notices, and handbooks (administrative and program).

The monthly GIPSA newsletter is also an additional maintenance aid. The newsletter identifies new issuances, cancellations, and other information (revised disposal/retention dates, pen and ink changes, etc.).

New issuances should be filed, and canceled issuances should be removed from the active file.

Table of Contents Listing:

Address Change or Change in Number of Issurances

If your address changes, if you need a change in the number of hard copies of issuances mailed to your office, or if you wish to be removed from a mailing list, please contact the:

USDA, GIPSA, FGIS, Compliance Division
1400 Independence Avenue, SW, MSC 3604
Washington, DC 20250-3604
Telephone: 202-720-0244

Issurances Not Received

Check the directives distribution to assure you have received copies of everything you should. If you did not receive a directive or need additional copies of one directive only, contact Ed Lawson at:

USDA Center
4700 River Road, Unit 1, Suite 1A01
Riverdale, MD 20737
Telephone: 301-734-5523

Listing of Sections in the FGIS Directives Systems

Section A - Directives

  • Series 1000 - Organization, authorities, and administration
  • Series 2000 - Budget, accounting, financial claims, mail management, and radio communication management
  • Series 3000 - Paperwork and ADP management
  • Series 4000 - Personnel
  • Series 5000 - Property, acquisition, and motor vehicle management
  • Series 9000 - FGIS services and regulatory programs

Section B - Program Notices

Section C - Handbooks

  • Administrative
  • Acquisition Handbook
  • Billing and Collection Handbook
  • Employee Development and Training Handbook
  • Human Resources Desk Guide
  • Organization, Functions, and Delegations of Authority Handbook
  • Personal Property Manual
  • Travel Regulations
  • Technical
  • Aflatoxin Handbook
  • Bean Inspection Handbook
  • DON (Vomitoxin) Handbook
  • Equipment Handbook
  • Fumigation Handbook
  • Grain Inspection Handbook
  • Hop Inspection Handbook
  • Mechanical Sampling Systems Handbook
  • Moisture Handbook - DJ GAC 2100
  • Moisture Handbook - Motomco (plus Conversion Charts)
  • Near-Infrared Transmittance Handbook (NIRT)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Handbook
  • Pea and Lentil Handbook
  • Processed Commodities Handbook
  • Quality Handbook
  • Rice Inspection Handbook
  • Sanitation Inspection Handbook (Beans, Peas, Lentils, and Processed Commodities)
  • Weighing Handbook

FGIS Distribution Codes and Addressess

A - FGIS Offices
AA - Export Quality Report
C - Official Agencies (1 copy for each full-time specified service point)
E - Grain Industry
F - Rice Industry
G - Weights and Measures
H - Bean Industry
J - Sunflower Industry
N - Scale Specialists
T - Pea Industry
U - State Agencies
V - State Agris
W - Other
X - Processed Commodities industry
Y - Canola Industry

APHIS Distribution Codes and Addressess

34184 - All Packers and Stockyards offices
34185 - All Packers and Stockyards employees
34186 - All Federal Grain Inspection Service offices
34187 - All Federal Grain Inspection Service employees