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Administrative Directives

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FGIS 1020.2 Listing of Agricultural and Food Commodities Assigned to FGIS (05-07-1992)(PDF; 12Kb)
FGIS 1040.1 Federal Executive Boards - Exhibits A and B (03-10-1980) (PDF; 13Kb)
FGIS 1041.1 Committee Management (12-12-1983)(PDF; 14Kb)
GIPSA 1110.1 Internal Control Program (11-15-2012)(PDF; 23Kb)
FGIS 1410.2 Technical Reports (01-14-2014)(PDF; 65Kb)
GIPSA 1470.1 The Freedom of Information Act Program (12-10-2007) (PDF; 62Kb)
GIPSA 1470.2 Privacy Act Program (10-28-2009)(PDF; 21Kb)
FGIS 1513.1 Legal Assistance Available From Office of the General Counsel (08-16-1982) (PDF; 15Kb)
FGIS 1520.1 Appearance in Judicial and Administrative Proceedings (02-03-1993)
FGIS 1521.1 Prohibitions on Ex Parte Communications (12-14-1977)
MRP 1620.1 Changes to Space and Lease of Field Offices and Facilities (06-18-2003) (PDF)
GIPSA 1650.1 Security and Admittance to Agency-Occupied Space (06-17-2003) (PDF; 91Kb)
GIPSA 2100.1 Accounting Adjustments (05-29-2014) (PDF; 24Kb)
FGIS 2130.1 Debt Management Internal Controls (10-15-1982) (PDF; 15Kb)
GIPSA 2140.1 Unliquidated Obligations (07-23-2013) (PDF; 16Kb)
GIPSA 2170.1 Review of Financial Reports (09-29-2006) (PDF; 12Kb)
GIPSA 2210.1 Administrative Fund Control System For Appropriations and Fee-Supported Funds (06-24-13) (PDF; 66Kb)
FGIS 2220.1 Billing Document Completion Procedures for Grain Inspection by FGIS in the United States (11-01-96) (PDF; 12Kb)
FGIS 2220.3 Collecting Debts Due the Federal Government and Computing Late Payment Charges on Overdue Accounts (06-08-1982) (PDF; 17Kb)
MRP 2301.1 MRP Supplements to the Agriculture Travel Regulations (07-23-1998) (PDF)
FGIS 2460.1 Cooperative Documents - Exhibits A, B, C, D, and E (05-12-1971) (PDF; 1024Kb)
FGIS 2510.1 Federal Tort Claims (12-11-1973) (PDF; 20Kb)
FGIS 2510.3 Claims Under the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act of 1964 (04-10-1975) (PDF; 13Kb)
FGIS 2570.1 Waiver of Claim for Erroneous Payment of Pay or Allowances (11-20-1973) (PDF; 258Kb)
MRP 3010.2 MRP Issuance System (07-26-04) (PDF; 9Kb)
FGIS 3020.1 FGIS Forms Management Program (11-08-1989) (PDF; 9Kb)
FGIS 3040.1 Files Maintenance and Records Disposition Handbook, FGIS Offices (06-1980) (Being updated)
MRP 3040.2 MRP Records Management Program (08-12-1998) (PDF)
MRP 3040.3 MRP Electronic Records Management Program (08-12-1998)(PDF)
MRP 3050.1 MRP Mail Management Program (08-16-2001)(PDF)
MRP 3051.1 MRP Mailing List Management Program - Headquarters and Field Offices (08-16-2001) (PDF)
FGIS 3080.1 Procurement of Reproduction Services Washington, DC, and Field - Exhibits A, B, C, C-1, C-2, D, D-1 (11-04-1982) (PDF; 702Kb)
GIPSA 3140.1 GIPSA Information Systems Security (ISS) Program (01-30-2001) (PDF; 25Kb)
GIPSA 3140.2 GIPSA Microcomputers, Local Area Network (LAN), and Notebook Computer Policy (01-30-2001) (PDF; 46Kb)
GIPSA 3140.3 GIPSA Internet Use and Security Policy (01-30-2001) (PDF; 32Kb)
GIPSA 3140.4 GIPSA Electronic Mail Security and Privacy Policy (01-30-2001) (PDF; 40Kb)
GIPSA 3140.5 Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Implementation (11-30-2006) (PDF; 23Kb)
FGIS 3150.1 Information Resources Management Review Board (12-03-1992)(PDF; 157Kb)
GIPSA 3210.1 Development and Maintenance of GIPSA Web Sites (10-25-2006) (PDF; 16Kb)
FGIS 3320.1 Use of Telegraph Facilities (03-01-1982) (PDF; 119Kb)
FGIS 3320.2 Facsimile Transmission Service (07-13-1979) (PDF; 303Kb)
FGIS 3330.1 Cellular Equipment Communications Management, Operations, and Maintenance (09-08-2009) (PDF; 19Kb)
GIPSA 3610.1 Local Registration Authority (LRA) Program (03-20-08)(PDF; 19Kb)
Attachment 1 - GIPSA Form 333 (PDF; 11Kb)
Attachment 2 - LRA Standards & Best Practices (PDF; 11Kb)
Attachment 3 - GIPSA Form 334 (PDF; 11Kb)
MRP 4030.1 Category Rating and Selection Policy (10/29/10) (PDF; 23Kb)
MRP 4080.1 MRP Transit Incentive Program - Issuance Change 1 dated 11/02/2012  (PDF; 20Kb)
FGIS 4293.2 Emergency Notification (07-24-1981) (PDF; 8Kb)
FGIS 4295.1 "Requests for Personnel Action," Form SF-52, Exhibits A and B (11-21-1979) (PDF; 23Kb)
FGIS 4297.1 Maintenance and Security of Subsidiary Personnel and Pay Records (09-04-1981) (PDF; 10Kb)
FGIS 4300.1 30-Day Emergency Appointments-Exhibits A and B (05-09-1984)(PDF; 11Kb)
MRP 4300.2 Reasonable Accommodations Program (03/31/2011) (PDF; 71Kb)
P&SP 4302.1 Employment of Attorneys (05/05/10) (PDF; 35Kb)
FGIS 4310.1 Employment of Relatives (07-08-1982) (PDF; 14Kb)
FGIS 4311.1 Appointment Affidavits Oath of Office (07-12-1993) (PDF; 10Kb)
FGIS 4312.1 Position Management Plan (01-03-1994)(PDF; 14Kb)
GIPSA 4315.1 Training Policy for Supervisors, Managers, and Executives (05-19-2006) (PDF; 96Kb)
MRP 4330.1 Career Transition Assistance Plan (12-18-1998) (PDF)
FGIS 4330.1 Appointment of Experts and Consultants (12-12-1983) (PDF; 11Kb)
FGIS Form 300, 300-1,300-2 (PDF; 131Kb)
MRP 4335.1 Merit Promotion (06-12-2000) (PDF)
FGIS 4335.1 Details of Personnel (10-13-1973) (PDF; 11Kb)
FGIS 4335.2 Grading Proficiency Required for Promotion to GS-9 (01-16-1978) (PDF; 109Kb)
FGIS 4335.3 Proficiency Evaluation for Grain Under the USGSA and Rice Under the AMA (10-17-1978) (PDF; 441Kb)
MRP 4339.1 Medical Qualification Determinations for Appointment to Covered Positions within Marketing and Regulatory Programs (PDF)
Issuance Change 1 dated 12-8-03 Issuance Change 2 dated 8-16-04
MRP 4351.1 Reduction-In-Force (03-26-2013)
MRP 4368.1 Telework Program - Issuance Change 1 dated 11-2-12 (PDF; 17kb)
FGIS 4411.1 Financial Aspects of the Government Employees Training Act (09-12-1980) (PDF; 21Kb)
MRP 4413.1 Career Enhancement Program (10-15-1998) (PDF; Kb)
GIPSA 4451.1 Employee Recognition Program (03-14-2008) (PDF; 93Kb)
ATT 2A (PDF; 114Kb), ATT 2B (PDF; 80Kb), ATT 2C1 & C2 (PDF; 478Kb), ATT 2D1 & D2 (PDF; 256Kb), ATT 2E1, E2 & E3 (PDF; 1040Kb), ATT 2F (PDF; 110Kb), ATT 3A1 & A2 (PDF; 116Kb), ATT 3B1 & B2 (PDF; 117Kb), ATT 3C1 (PDF; 14Kb), ATT 3C3 (PDF; 24Kb)
GIPSA 4451.2 Gainsharing Travel Savings Program (01-02-2000) (PDF; 86Kb)
MRP 4500.1 Recruitment and Retention Incentives (10-03-2012) (PDF; 20Kb)
MRP 4531.1 Salary Rate Determinations (03-25-2013) (PDF; 42Kb)
FGIS 4534.1 Salary and Time Limitations Schedule A Appointments (07-13-1981) (PDF; 13Kb)
FGIS 4537.1 Repayment of Student Loans (03-07-2003) (PDF)
MRP 4550.1 Electronic Funds Transfer (06-28-1999) (PDF)
MRP 4550.2 Premium Pay Issuance Change 2 dated 11/19/02 (PDF; 20Kb)
MRP 4591.1 Uniform Allowance and Wearing Guidelines (09-19-2007)(PDF; 21Kb)
MRP 4610.1 Tours of Duty (09-28-2001) (PDF)
MRP 4630.1 Absence and Leave (04-10-2006)(PDF)
GIPSA 4710.1 Early Dispute Resolution Program (03/15/2011)(PDF; 19Kb)
FGIS 4711.1 Labor-Management Relations (09-14-1976) (PDF; 16Kb)
FGIS 4711.2 Strike Prevention and Strike Contingency Plans (06-16-1980) (PDF; 20Kb)
FGIS 4711.3 Voluntary Salary Allotments for Payment of Employee Labor Organization Dues (07-24-1980) (PDF; 413Kb)
GIPSA 4713.1 Civil Rights/Equal Employment Opportunity (08-21-2008) (PDF; 41Kb)
Attachment 1 (PDF; 13Kb)
FGIS 4715.1 Resignations (09-30-1980) (PDF; 17Kb)
FGIS 4735.2 Clothing and Identity Apparel Policy (01-17-2013) (PDF; 14Kb)
FGIS 4735.3 Dress Code Policy (03-02-2012) (PDF; 225Kb)
FGIS 4752.2 Employee Rights in Agency Adverse Personnel Actions of Removal, Suspension, Reduction in Rank or Pay, or Furlough Without Pay (03-27-1975) (PDF; 245Kb)
MRP 4771.1 Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP) Administrative Grievance System (09-08-2006) (PDF)
GIPSA 4790.1 Safety and Health Program (08-21-2008) (PDF; 29Kb)
GIPSA 4790.2 Workplace Violence Prevention and Response (08-21-2008) (PDF; 29Kb)
Attachment 1 (PDF; 8Kb),
Attachment 2 (PDF; 8Kb),
Attachment 3 (PDF; 10Kb)
GIPSA 4790.3 Emergency Notification Policies and Procedures (08-21-2008) (PDF; 14Kb)
FGIS 4790.3 Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment (04-11-2013) (PDF; 25Kb)
FGIS 4790.4 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure (07-12-1993) (PDF; 18Kb)
GIPSA 4790.5 Office Safety (05-29-2014) (PDF; 46Kb)
GIPSA 4790.7 Work Life Programs (03-25-2010) (PDF; 39Kb)
GIPSA 4790.9 Policy and Procedures Upon Encountering Hazardous Conditions (08-21-2008) (PDF; 31Kb)
FGIS 4790.10 Abatement of Air and Water Pollution at Federal Facilities (08-15-1972) (PDF; 15Kb)
GIPSA 4790.11 GIPSA Safety and Occupational Health Training Program (06-08-2005) (PDF; 19Kb)
Attachment 1 (PDF; 18Kb)
GIPSA 4810.1 Worker's Compensation (06-07-2002) (PDF; 47Kb)
FGIS 4831.1 Retirement (01-04-1980) (PDF; 328Kb)
FGIS 5007.1 Acquisition Management Program (10-31-1989) (PDF; 178Kb)
FGIS 5010.2 Obtaining Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA's) for Inspection Services Under the AMA (05-05-1995)Issuance Change #1 (05-26-1995)(PDF; 19Kb)
MRP 5036.1 MRP Construction Management Policy (09-04-2003)(PDF)
MRP 5101.1 Real Property Management (02-05-2001) (PDF)
FGIS 5130.2 Disposal of Excess Agricultural Commodities (06-05-1985)(PDF; 16Kb)
Form AD-107 (PDF; 66Kb)
FGIS 5160.1 Official Agency Logo and USDA Seal (05-24-1993)(PDF; 4Kb)
FGIS 5160.2 Identification Signs (11-29-1990)(PDF; 6Kb)
FGIS 5200.1 Personal Property Management (11-08-89) (PDF; 24Kb)
FGIS 5400.1 Motor Vehicle Management (10-11-1994) (PDF; 13Kb)
GIPSA 5600.2 Environmental Justice (06-06-2000) (PDF; 24Kb)