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FGIS Intransit Fumigation Acceptable Tween Deckers

Any tween deck vessel that provides official documents describing it as a Flush or Freedom Mark II type is acceptable for intransit fumigation under the FGIS "Fumigation Handbook" and does not need any special letter from FGIS. Some requests for a letter (citing tender requirement) are still being received.

The following list of acceptable tween deckers is not all-inclusive. It only covers the specific vessels that we have reviewed. For more information regarding this list or if you have any other fumigation related question contact Robert Dorman at 816-659-8411;

The CLEVELAND is an old style tween deck vessel that is approved on a voyage-by voyage basis, provided, the letter of temporary approval is followed completely. Each field office manager has received a copy of this letter.

Bulk Carrier Type Configuration
Advantage Bremer Fragge Infinite Wisdom
Noble Star Green Wave Virginian
Daniella BBC Japan  
Flush Tween Type
Laridea Freya/Torm Freya Mohegan Princess
Yacu Runa Silverfjord Captain P
Pioneer Sky IBM Bassam Louis
IBN Al Atheer Axion I Crimmitschau
Fasilecare Tolteca Kent forest
Stamatina P Falcon 1 Iris K
Anna K Loretta D Evi
Xiang An Cheng Bao An Cheng Elbrus
Freedom Mark II Type
Alam Tenggriri Express Prudence
Alam Tegas Express Patriot
Efdim Junior Express Partizon
Anangel Victory Anangel Sky
Iberian Confidence Myra
Andros Island Adorinda (Ex-Solitaire I)

This new type vessel has movable pontoon/partitions in the holds. It is a cross between a bulk carrier and a tween decker, but is considered a bulk carrier:

  • Geja C
  • Margrete C
  • Jan Dlugosz
  • Onego Runner
  • Maruba Aconcagua
  • Maruba Petrohue
  • Ocean Atlas
  • Ocean Titan
  • Evi
  • Kurt Paul
  • Pac Athena
  • Beluga Endeavor
Bulker/Tween Type Similar to Multipurpose Type
Modified RO/RO (car carrier)

GLOBAL PATRIOT (ex-Buffalo Soldier) - upper tween deck will need partitions installed if used.

TSGT JOHN A CHAPMAN - providing fumigation tubing, temporary bulkhead timbers, sheeting, and sealing are in place, as needed, prior to loading.

Traditional Tweens No Longer Approved for Special Testing
Askoy Ege Crimmitschau
Lumen Fathulkhair
Gulf Champion Theofano II
Cape Moreton Aurora II
Not Approved (Pending Modifications/Additional Review)
  • Global Spirit (Global Container Lines)
  • Maersk Constellation (Maersk Line)
  • Anja (Muller Shipping)