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FGIS Forms

Note: If you have any problems opening these forms in your web browser, right click the form name and save it to your hard drive or desktop. Then open the saved version of the form with Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

Form Title Format
FGIS-4 Application and Agreement For Contract Service pdf/fillable; 227KB
FGIS-100 Conflict-of-Interest Questionnaire (Non-Licensed Official Agency Personnel) pdf/fillable; 162KB
FGIS-904 Laboratory Scale Test xls; 340KB
FGIS-907 Application for Inspection and Weighing Services pdf/fillable; 342KB
FGIS-921 Inspection Log pdf/fillable (partially); 670KB
FGIS-922 Inspection and Weighing Report pdf/fillable; 509KB
FGIS-923 Moisture Meter Test xls; 219KB
FGIS-924 Barley Pearler and Sieve Test xls; 1,843KB
FGIS-925 Rice Checktest Form xls; 599KB
FGIS-927 Testweight Checktest xls; 524KB
FGIS-928 Dockage Checktest xls; 150KB
FGIS-930 AMA Output Report xls; 58KB
FGIS-936 Sampler Condition Report xls; 335KB
FGIS-938 Report of Grain Inspected and Weighed for Export pdf/fillable; 504KB
FGIS-941 Request for Waiver of Inspection pdf/fillable; 331KB
FGIS-942 Application for Designation pdf/fillable; 289KB
FGIS-944 Application For License Under The United States Grain Standards Act (USGSA) and/or The Agriculture Marketing Act (and) of 1946 pdf/fillable; 342KB
FGIS-945 Application for Registration pdf/fillable; 83KB
doc; 64KB
FGIS-950 Warehouseman's Sample-Lot Inspection Service Contract pdf/fillable; 208KB
FGIS-952 Sanitation Inspection Report (Processed Products) xls; 176KB
FGIS-952-1 Sanitation Inspection Report (Beans, Peas, and Lentils) xls; 122KB
FGIS-952-2 Sanitation Inspection Report (Overpacker) xls; 112KB
FGIS-965 Scale Test Report (Hopper) xls; 121KB
FGIS-965-1 Scale Test Report (Railroad Track) xls; 120KB
FGIS-965-2 Scale Test Report (Vehicle) xls; 122KB
FGIS-968 Weight Loading Log pdf; 289KB
FGIS-980 Authorization To Use Mechanical Sampler doc; 131KB
FGIS-983 Contract Service Agreement pdf/fillable; 230KB
FGIS-992 Services Performed Report pdf/fillable; 507KB
FGIS-998 Questionnaire for Proposed Diverter Type Mechanical Sampler Installation xls; 554KB
FGIS-1001 Application for Approval to Operate as a Weighing Facility pdf/fillable; 106KB
FGIS-9601 Repair/Modification Notice pdf/fillable; 332KB