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Our eLearning courses are designed for training new inspection personnel and entry level grain industry professionals. We are in the process of converting all of our html based eLearning courses to video. The following video courses are currently available:

FGIS Grain Inspection Orientation

This course provides an in-depth overview of the Federal Grain Inspection Service, the U.S. Grain Standards and the U.S. grain marketing and inspection system. Whether you need to develop new knowledge or just want an update to stay aware of the current shape of the grain industry, this course will explain in detail how the U.S. grain-inspection and marketing system works.

Grain Grading Tutorials

These courses review the official USDA procedures for inspecting grains standardized under the United State Grain Standards Act for grade.

General Elearning

This includes a variety of eLearning and informational content created for our educational and outreach programs.

Vídeos y Documentos.

Grain Grading Study Questions (HTML)

We also provide practice exams to aid Licensed Inspectors preparing for their written exams. The following exams are currently available: