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Visual Reference Library - Wheat
 W-6.1 Heat Damage (Other Than Durum)

A      B     C

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 50 grams


Kernels and pieces of kernels of wheat that are materially discolored to the extent shown.
Cross-sectioning of whole kernels may be necessary to confirm that the face of BOTH halves
are as dark as shown in Kernel A or B.


Illustration shows from left to right:

Kernel 1: The minimum discoloration for cross-sectioned vitreous kernels.

Kernel 2: The minimum discoloration (creamy) for cross-sectioned non-vitreous kernels.

Kernel 3: A suspect kernel that requires cross-sectioning.


NOTE: A kernel with a combination of vitreous and creamy discoloration meeting the VRI shall be heat damage.

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Last updated November 2009