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Visual Reference Library - Wheat
 W-1.0 Black Tip Damage (Fungus)

A      B      C

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 15 grams


Kernels affected by black tip fungus to the extent that the resulting discoloration extends beyond the germ and continues around at least one cheek and into the crease, thus forming a "continuous band." All conditions must be met to be considered damage.


Illustration shows from left to right:

Kernel A: The minimum degree of discoloration and amount of coverage required on the germ.

Kernel B: The minimum degree of discoloration required in the "continuous band" that extends around the cheek. The width of the band is irrelevant.

Kernel C: The minimum degree of discoloration required to extend into the crease. The amount of discoloration (area of coverage) is immaterial.

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Last updated January 2003