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Visual Reference Library - Soybean
 SB-12.0 Soybens of Other Colors

A            B            C

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 125 grams


Soybeans that have green, black, brown, or bicolored seed coats. Soybeans that have green seed coats will also be green in cross-section. Bicolored soybeans have seed coats of two colors: yellow and brown, black, or greenish-grey. The non-yellow color must cover at least 50 percent of the seed coat (disregard the hilum) to meet the minimum coverage requirments.


Illustration shows, from left to right, the minimum requirement for bicolored soybeans:

Kernel A: Brown bicolored soybeans.

Kernel B: Yellow soybeans (for comparison purposes only).

Kernel C: Black or greenish-grey bicolored soybeans.


NOTE: When applicable, soybeans of other colors (SBOC) shall function as damaged or splits when analyzed on the same portion. Like whole soybeans, splits require 50 percent or more coverage to function as SBOC.

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Last updated November 2002