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Visual Reference Library - Soybean
 SB-10.0 Stinkbug or Insect Stung Kernels

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 125 grams


Soybeans or pieces of soybeans which show an indentation or discoloration on the seed coat. To determine the extent of damage, it is generally necessary to cross-section the soybean.


1. The top row contains confirmed stinkbug or insect stung soybeans. The third kernel from the left represents the minimum discoloration/damage requirement.


2. The bottom row contains suspected stinkbug or insect stung soybeans.


Splits and pieces of soybeans may be cross-sectioned to determine damage. Cross-section soybean at the suspected area. If a kernel is otherwise damaged, it functions as other damage.


NOTE: Stinkbug damage is one-fourth of the actual damage

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Last updated November 2002