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Visual Reference Library - Soybean
 SB-1.1 Weather Damage (Gray/Black)

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 125 grams


Soybeans that contain Gray/Black discoloration on the seed coat with the area of coverage and intensity equal or greater than shown are considered damaged.


Soybeans that have a discolored area(s) which does not meet the minimum coverage requirement may be considered damage provided the degree of discoloration is greater than shown and the overall “prorated” appearance meets the minimum coverage and intensity level depicted. For example, when the degree of discoloration is twice that shown, the required area of coverage can be reduced by one half.


NOTE: The discoloration may appear on one or both sides of the soybean. DO NOT confuse discolored soybeans with soybeans containing pigmented streaks or blotches that are considered soybeans of other colors. (VRI SB-12.0).

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Last updated November 2002