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Visual Reference Library - Sorghum
 S-5.1 Mold Damage (Internal Mold)

A      B           C

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 15 grams


Sorghum and pieces of sorghum containing any amount of mold which penetrates the seed coat is considered damage. The mold, usually confined to the germ area beneath the bran layer, may vary in color. The determination may be performed on a pre-bleached, or in the case of weathered sorghum, bleached portion.


Pre-bleached (non-weathered sorghum)

Kernel A: Suspected mold. Slight blue discoloration in the germ area indicates possibility of mold.

Kernel B: Confirmed mold.


Bleached (weathered sorghum):

Kernel C: Confirmed mold. Bleaching turns penetrating molds black. Sorghum germs which have a distinctive black spot(s), or any other color associated with mold, are considered damage.


NOTE: Careful removal of bran over the germ may be necessary to confirm the presence of mold.

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Last updated June 2007