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Visual Reference Library - Peas

A           B

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 250 grams


Wrinkled Dry Peas that are slightly shriveled and distinctly discolored (caramelized) or slightly discolored with severe dimpling in the seed coat shall be considered shriveled.


Illustration shows from left to right:

Pea A: Pea with heavily dimpled exterior with some “caramel” color showing through. Notice the knife-like edges around the perimeter of the individual dimples or craters. This so-called “webbing effect” must cover at least 50 percent of the surface area.

Pea B: Minimum degree of discoloration and shriveling required to be considered shriveled. Peas that are shriveled to the extent they have withdrawn and separated from the seed coat (“shelley” peas) fall into this category.

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Last updated November 2010