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Visual Reference Library - Peas
 Split Peas-4.2 Whole Dry Pea

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 250 grams


Whole peas, in split peas, are technically defined as being more than one half of a whole pea. When a pea is "split" successfully along its natural seam, each equal part is considered a split pea and the determination of whole peas is not a consideration. However, when the breakage occurs off the natural seam and one of the divided fractions is estimated to be 55% or more of a whole pea, it is to be considered a "whole pea". In the assessment of a whole pea, inspectors are to disregard the pea hilum.


The above images provide examples of what constitutes a whole pea and are not intended to represent any visual standard.

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Last updated November 2010