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Visual Reference Library - Peas

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Portion for Analysis: Approximately 250 grams


Peas and pieces of peas which meet any one of the following criteria are weevil damage.


A. Weevil Pinhole: Peas and pieces of peas that have been stung by an insect and the damage extends into the cotyledon.


B. Visible Window: Peas and pieces of peas which are weevil-bored; but the weevil has not emerged from the pea. The seed coat (window) still covers the bore hole.


C. Open Eye: Peas and pieces of peas which are weevil-bored and the weevil has emerged from the pea.


NOTE: Insect damage peas should also be checked for live or dead insects/larvae for the presence of insect refuse. (Refer to Pea and Lentil Handbook, Section 4.12 and 4.31).

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Last updated November 2010