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Visual Reference Library - Peas

A             B

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 250 grams


A. Peas and pieces of peas with dirt adhering to the seed coat, the eye of the pea or cotyledon equal to or greater than the concentration shown are damage.


B. Peas and pieces of peas with grime adhering to the seed coat or cotyledon equal to or greater than shown are damage.


The same tolerance applies when dirt or grime adheres to the cotyledon of broken peas (more than 1/2 of a whole pea).


NOTE: The same inspection criteria apply to all classes of peas discolored by nightshade juice or container/bag marking inks. The discoloration appearing on larger/smaller peas should be proportional. Dirt/grime is not applicable to wrinkle dry peas or smooth seeded peas grown for seed purposes.

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Last updated November 2010