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Visual Reference Library - Peas
PEAS/SPLIT PEAS-1.0 Damage (Chalky)

A                                 B                                 C

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 250 grams


Peas, split peas, and pieces of peas with a spot (singularly or in combination) that meets the minimum coverage shown on cotyledon A. are considered damage.


Illustrations show suspect and confirmed kernels:

A. Chalky Spot (Lygus) - bright white colored, grainy texture and penetrates into the coyledon.

B. Chalky Spot (Hail) - light beige colored, mealy texture and penetrates deep into the coyledon.

C. Bruised (Not damaged) - cloudy off-white color, smooth texture and is only on the surface of the cotyledon.


NOTE: To check the size and color of the chalky spot, remove the seed coat carefully so as not to chip, scrape, or otherwise disrupt the surface of the coyledon.

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Last updated November 2010