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Visual Reference Library - Lentils
 Len-1.1 Blight (Ascochyta) Damage

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 125 grams (large seeded) or Approximately 60 grams (small seeded)


Ascochyta blight is a fungal disease that reduces yields and affects seed quality. Infected seeds have brown blotches on the surface. Severely infected seed is purplish brown, shriveled and small, and may have a white fungal growth on the surface. This VRI depicts what Ascochyta blight looks like and is not intended to represent any minimum coverage or color intensity requirement.


Illustration shows from left to right:

Suspect Damage: Discolored seed coat. Seed coats of suspect seeds must be scraped to determine if the mold penetrates into the cotyledon.

Confirmed Damage: Cotyledon shows some discoloration and mold is evident in the lower central portion of the exposed area. Any amount of mold present on the cotyledon is sufficient evidence of damage.

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Last updated May 2012