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Visual Reference Library - Insects
 IN-30.0 Warehouse Pirate Bug

Warehouse Pirate Bug, Xylocoris flavipes (Reuter)
Larger Pirate Bug, Lycotcoris campestris


This 3mm long and dark brown beneficial insect is a general predator that is commonly found in grain storages. It looks like a small stink bug or boxelder bug.


The nymphs and adults of this beneficial insect prey on eggs, larvae, and pupae of many species of grain insects. Among its favorite prey are the larvae of Indianmeal moths. In addition to Indianmeal moths, it attacks and eats a varied menu, including Mediterranean flour moths, almond moths, red flour beetles, sawtooth grain beetles, and warehouse beetles.


The Pirate Bug is a beneficial insect that is often found in stored corn, but is not injurious to stored grain.

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Last updated February 2010