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Visual Reference Library - Insects
 IN-23.0 Dried Bean Beetle

Acanthoscelides obtectus


Bean weevils are 3-5mm long, yellow-green to olive, mottled with darker brown and grey. The end of the abdomen is is yellow-red. The white larvae are hairy and grow to a length of 4mm.


Bean weevils, unlike pea weevils, develop on the mature beans in the field and are able to develop in storage. They occur worldwide, but are most common in subtropical areas.


They can develop on a range of seeds, from cowpea, broad bean, kidney bean, chick pea, and wild pea. The female lays 40-50 eggs loosely between the beans and in the ripening pods in the field. The larvae develops in the bean. Before pupation the larvae prepares a circular exit hole which remains covered only by the skin of the bean (window).

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Last updated February 2010