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Visual Reference Library - Insects
 IN-17.0 Kharpra Beetle

Trogoderma granarium (EVERTS)


An oval beetle 2-3 mm long, dark brown with smudgy yellowish-brown and reddish-brown transverse strips on the wing covers and covered with fine hairs.


The yellowish-brown, spindle-shaped larvae grow to a length of up to 5 mm. They have thick, reddish-brown hairs, with characteristic bunches of tail hairs growing out of the rear end. They have barbed arrow-hairs with which they adhere easily to sacks and transport containers and are thus widely disseminated. They can exist without feeding for up to 3 years.


The larvae is a very serious stored product pest but the beetle itself does no damage.It is found in warehouses, silos, mills, breweries, and malt plants. It attacks all types of grain, malt, cereal products, and pulses. Grain kernels are often hollowed out until only the husk remains.

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Last updated February 2010