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Visual Reference Library - Insects
 IN-11.0 Tropical Warehouse (Almond) Moth

Cadra cautella (Walker)


A tropical or subtropical species which is frequently found on imported cargoes. The adult is 7—9mm in length with a wingspan of 12—20mm. The upper forewing is dull grey- brown; straight dark inner band has broad pale band along inner edge; outer band is obscure.


The moths live for only two weeks, but during this period females may lay up to 250 eggs on the surface of the grain. The larvae are dirty-white and may be tinged brown or have purple spots. The larvae spin webs on the grain surface and consume kernels within the webbing.


Often linked with imported food cargoes. A particular problem in dried fruit and nuts, although this moth will attack cereals, oil seeds and chocolate products.

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Last updated February 2010