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Visual Reference Library - Insects
 IN-9.0 Mediterranean Flour (Mill) Moth

Ephestia (Anagasta) kuehniella Zell


A pale-gray moth from 6-12mm long, with a wingspread of 20-22mm. The wings are marked with two indistinct, black zigzag lines. The hind wings are a dirty white. This moth is easily recognized by its characteristic pose when resting. When at rest, the moth extends the forelegs which raises the head and gives the body a sloping appearance.


The Mediterranean Flour Moth is somewhat larger than the Indian Meal Moth. Development and damage is similar to the Indian meal moth, except the larvae live and feed in small silken tubes they spin.


Although flour is the favorite food, grains, bran, breakfast foods and pollen in beehives are also attacked. The webbing and matting of the larvae often cause the greatest amount of damage by this insect, whether it is contaminating foods in the home or clogging industrial machinery.

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Last updated February 2010