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Visual Reference Library - Insects
 IN-4.0 Lesser Grain Borer

Rhizopertha dominica (FABRICIUS)


A beetle of 2-3 mm length, red-brown to black-brown, slim, cylindrical in body. The hood shaped, rounded neck shield extends beyond the head; the spots on the shield gradually become smaller towards the rear. The larvae are white, similar to grubs, and have brown head capsules. Both larvae and beetles bore into the grain.


The lessor grain borer mainly attacks wheat, rye, corn, rice and millet. Also attacked are beans, lentils, and chick-peas.


The eggs are deposited on the outside of the kernels. Badly infested wheat takes on a honey-like odor. Also attacks whole kernels as a primary pest. Irregularly-shaped boreholes are made and the flour produced by boring appears on the surface. The larvae bore their way into kernels which they only leave again as adult beetles.

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Last updated February 2010