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Visual Reference Library - Insects
IN-1.0 Granary Weevil
 IN-1.0 Granary Weevil

Sitophilus granarius (LINNÉ)


A weevil of 3-5 mm length; black-brown (red-brown shortly after hatching); the head ends in a slightly curved proboscis; the neck shield has depressed markings and is almost as long as the longitudinally-grooved wing covers.


The granary weevil is the main stored grain pest in countries of the temperate zones. Damage is caused primarily by the larvae but also by the adults.


Prefers wheat and rye, but also feeds on corn, barley, millet, rice, and buckwheat. After mass infestation the grain becomes damp and warm leading to infestation of secondary pests and mold.

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Last updated February 2010