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Visual Reference Library - Corn
 C-5.1 Heat Damage (White)

A         B         C

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 250 grams


Kernels which are materially discolored by excessive respiration. The discoloration originates from the germ area and continues through the sides and back of the kernel (continuous band). Provided the band is continuous, there is no minimum band width requirement.


Illustration shows from left to right:

Kernel A: Shows the discoloration extending out of the germ.

Kernel B: Shows the discoloration around the sides.

Kernel C: Shows the discoloration across the back.


NOTE: Do not confuse with heat-damaged Yellow corn. The degree of discoloration throughout the “band” must be equal to or greater than shown. If any area within the band does not meet the minimum discoloration requirement, the kernel will NOT be considered heat damage.

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Last updated May 2002