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Visual Reference Library - Corn
 C-4.0 Germ Damage

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 250 grams


Kernels of corn which are damaged by respiration or heat, but which are not materially discolored, shall be considered damaged. Kernels with germ areas discolored to the degree shown or worse are considered damage.


If necessary, carefully remove the germ covering from the kernel. Scraping too deeply can destroy the evidence of damage and cause non-uniformity of interpretation.


Discolored germs that do not meet the minimum coverage requirement may be considered damage provided the degree of discoloration is greater than shown and the overall “prorated” appearance meets the minimum coverage and intensity level depicted. For example, to be considered damage, when the degree of discoloration is twice that shown, only half of the germ area needs to be discolored.


NOTE: Disregard the plumule when determining germ damage. Refer to VRI C-4.2 Germ (Not Damage).

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Last updated August 2008