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Visual Reference Library - Edible Beans

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Portion for Analysis: Class Dependent


Beans and pieces of beans which contain mold on or around the hilum, the surface and/or the cotyledon and is applicable to all classes.


Illustration shows:

Bean A: Minimum coverage requirement for surface mold/mildew. Surface mold/mildew appearing on larger/smaller beans should be proportional.

Bean B/C: Mold/mildew on the cotyledon. Beans containing any amount of mold/mildew on the cotyledon are damaged.

Bean D: Minimum requirement when mold/mildew encircles the hilum.

Bean E: Mold/mildew covering the hilum and must be completely covered.

Bean F: Surface mold which discolors the seed coat. Illustrated is the minimum intensity and coverage requirement (proportional to the size of bean being considered).

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Last updated May 2012