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Visual Reference Library - Edible Beans
 Bean-3.1 Dirt/Grime Damage (Other Bean)

A             B

Portion for Analysis: Large Seeded 500 grams, Small Seeded 250 grams


Immature, Green Chickpeas are undesirable because they tend to produce off flavors and, when canned, turn a grayish color creating a moldy appearance. For this reason, beans with any discernible amount of green are damage. (Suspect kernels may be scraped to confirm discoloration).


This illustration is not intended to represent any minimum coverage or color intensity requirement.


 Illustrated from left to right:

Bean A: Shows a natural colored bean.

Bean B: Shows a bean with a discernible green color.


APPLICABLE CLASSES: Garbanzo beans (Chickpeas)

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Last updated May 2012