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Visual Reference Library - Barley

A                   B               C                D

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 25 grams


Illustration shows from left to right:

Kernel A: Two-rowed Barley is usually characterized by plump, symmetrical shaped kernels with creases straight down the center of the kernels. Two-rowed Barley often has a slightly wrinkled, thinner skin.

Kernels B - D: Six-rowed Barley is usually characterized by irregularly shaped kernels. The creases in approximately 2/3 of the kernels in Six-rowed Barley are twisted, and the creases in approximately 1/3 of the kernels are straight. The Six-rowed Barley skin is usually thicker, and the veins are usually more prominent than Two-rowed Barley.

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Last updated October 2011