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Visual Reference Library - Barley
 B-5.1 Heat Damage

A      B

Portion for Analysis: Approximately 50 grams +/- 1.5 g.


Kernels and pieces of barley which, after the standardized full pearl, are materially discolored (red, black, or brown) with an area of coverage and intensity equal to or greater than shown when viewed from the top. The surface area does not need to be uniformly discolored. When assessing the “overall” color intensity, disregard those areas of the kernel that have been gouged (i.e. extend beyond “full pearl”) during pearling.


Illustration shows from left to right:

Kernel A: Minimum color intensity for Blue Barley. 

Kernel B: Minimum color intensity for other than Blue.


NOTE:  Prorating is permissible.

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Last updated October 2011