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Program Notices and Bulletins

FGIS-PN-14-07 Ordering Plastic Bags, Coin Envelopes, Spear Envelopes, Plastic Quart Bottles, and Plastic Cable Ties (PDF; 48Kb)
FGIS-PN-14-05 Transition to New Standard Carrier Weights Beginning February 1, 2014 (PDF; 62Kb)
FGIS-PN-14-04 Approval of New Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Instruments (PDF; 77Kb)
FGIS-PN-14-01 Reveal Q+ for Aflatoxin Green Test Method (PDF; 274Kb)
FGIS-PN-13-09 Pulse Inspection Certification Format Change (PDF; 655Kb)
FGIS-PN-13-08 Sample Collection Responsibilities for Verifying the Accuracy of Moisture Meter Calibrations Crop Year 2013 (PDF; 26Kb)
FGIS-PN-13-07 Transition To New Fee Schedule Beginning MAY 1, 2013 (PDF; 47Kb)
FGIS-PN-13-06 Charm Sciences ROSA® Wet Aflatoxin Quantitative Test Method (PDF; 435Kb)
FGIS-PN-13-05 National Export Soybean Sample Collection Plan (PDF; 116Kb)
FGIS-PN-13-01 Reconditioning Options for Aflatoxin Contaminated Lots (PDF; 14Kb)
FGIS-PN-12-09 National Wheat Sample Collection Plan for the Pesticide Residue Program (PDF; 91Kb)
FGIS-PN-12-08 Transition to New Moisture Measurement Technology (PDF; 45Kb)
FGIS-PN-12-05 Charm Sciences ROSA FAST5 DON Quantitative Test Method (PDF; 314Kb)
FGIS-PN-12-04 Sample Collection Responsibilities for Verifying the Accuracy of Moisture Meter Calibrations Crop Year 2012 (PDF; 24Kb)
FGIS-PN-12-03 REVEAL Q+ For Aflatoxin Test Method (PDF; 85Kb)
FGIS-PN-12-02 Check Testing of Diverter-Type (D/T) Samplers: Drop Sample Test Option (PDF; 23Kb)
FGIS-PN-11-10 Yamamoto FC2K Rice Sheller Approval for Processing California Medium and Short Grain Rough Rice (PDF; 16Kb)
FGIS-PN-11-09 Charm Sciences Rosa® DON P/N Test Method (PDF; 528Kb)
FGIS-PN-11-07 Ordering Plastic Bags, Coin Envelopes, Spear Envelopes, Plastic Quart Bottles, and Plastic Cable Ties (PDF; 48Kb)
FGIS-PN-11-05 Inspection of Flood Damaged Grain (PDF; 16Kb)
FGIS-PN-11-04 Wilsonart D456-60 Café Crème Laminate Work Surface (PDF; 98Kb)
FGIS-PN-10-07 Reveal® for Aflatoxin Test Method (PDF; 106Kb)
FGIS-PN-10-06 R-Biopharm, Ridascreen Fast, DON Test Method (PDF; 58Kb)
FGIS-PN-10-03 Additional Parameters for Automated Monitoring and Supervision of Official Weighing (PDF; 110Kb)
FGIS-PN-10-02 Online Recordkeeping for Inspection and Weighing Equipment (PDF; 20Kb)
GIPSA-PN-09-14 Suspension of the Guaranteed Home Buyout Relocation Travel Allowance (PDF; 27Kb)
FGIS-PN-09-13 Standardization of Corn Only Carter Day Dockage Testers (PDF; 22Kb)
FGIS-PN-09-05 Equipment Check Testing Test Decals (PDF; 20Kb)
FGIS-PN-09-04 Approval of Fluorescent Lamps (PDF; 15Kb)
FGIS-PN-08-09 Use of Probe Samples as an Alternative Standard Reference for Testing Diverter-Type Sampling Systems (PDF; 109Kb)
FGIS-PN-08-07 Reporting Insect-Damaged Kernel Results Based on a Stage 2 Decision in IDW (PDF; 104Kb)
FGIS-PN-08-05 Requirements for Auxiliary Control of Diverter Type Mechanical Sampling Systems (PDF; 112Kb)
FGIS-PN-08-03 Changes to Certification Procedures (PDF; 143Kb)
FGIS-PN-08-02 Replacement Parts for Rice Inspection Equipment (PDF; 113Kb)
FGIS-PN-08-01 Inspection Certificate Updates (PDF; 200Kb)
FGIS-PN-07-08 Milling Yield Procedure - Medium Grain Rough Rice and Medium Grain Brown Rice for Processing (PDF; 17Kb)
FGIS-PN-07-05 Model XT-7 Dockage Tester Approval (PDF; 18Kb)
FGIS-PN-05-08 Certifying Processed Commodity Analytical Test Results of Non-GIPSA Laboratories (07/18/05)(PDF; 129Kb)
FGIS-PN-04-10 Cyber Security Awareness Training (09/15/04)(PDF; 93Kb)
GIPSA-PN-04-09 GIPSA Information Technology (IT) Systems Audits (09/23/04)(PDF; 116Kb)
GIPSA-PN-04-08 Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) Information Protection (02/20/04)(PDF; 97Kb)
GIPSA-PN-04-07 Cyber Security Risk Management (02/20/04)(PDF; 103Kb)
GIPSA-PN-04-06 GIPSA Annual Security Plans For Information Technology (IT) Systems And Security Programs (01/23/04)(PDF; 100Kb)
GIPSA-PN-04-05 GIPSA Computer Incident Response Procedures (01/23/04)(PDF; 128Kb)
GIPSA-PN-04-04 Automated External Defibrillators (03/12/04)(PDF; 123Kb)
FGIS-PN-04-01 Special Statement for Peas (11/07/03) (PDF; 98Kb)
FGIS-PN-03-06 Issuance Retention Policy (09/04/03)(PDF; 112Kb)
FGIS-PN-03-03 Walk-Through Safety Inspections at Grain Elevators (09/05/03)(PDF; 104Kb)
FGIS-PN-02-02 Form FGIS-930, AMA Output Report (02/04/01)(PDF; 159Kb)
FGIS-PN-02-01 Bulk Identity-Preserved Inspection Plan (01/08/02)(PDF; 23Kb)
FGIS-PN-01-01 Waiving the Time Limit for Reinspection/Appeal Services (03/12/01)(PDF; 12Kb)
FGIS-PN-99-16 Applying High-Oil Corn Moisture Calibration (07/16/99)(PDF; 9Kb)
FGIS-PN-99-7 Revised File Retention Schedule For Licensing Records (03/23/99)(PDF; 7Kb)
FGIS 83-35 Revision to FGIS Notice 83-14 (11/30/83)(PDF; 128Kb)
FGIS 83-14 Charging Management Codes at Field Locations (06/22/83)(PDF; 97Kb)