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FGIS Program Directives

FGIS 9000.1 Performance Appraisal System - Field Performance Elements and Standards (09/26/14) (PDF; 564Kb)
AD435-S and AD435-E are attachments associated with FGIS 9000.1
FGIS 9000.5 Remote Issuance of Official Certificates (02/25/99) (PDF; 110Kb)
FGIS 9020.1 Exemptions and Waivers of Official Inspection and Class X Weighing Requirements (02/22/13)(PDF; 37Kb)
FGIS 9060.2 Implementation of the FGIS-FDA Memorandum of Understanding (05/01/97)(PDF; 38Kb)
FGIS 9060.3 Application and Agreement for Contract Service, Form FGIS-4 (06/11/04)(PDF; 240Kb)
FGIS 9070.2 Management Control Program (10/23/12)(PDF; 22Kb)
FGIS 9070.3 Conflicts of Interest (06/21/13)(PDF; 50Kb)
FGIS 9070.5 Grain Handling Practices (02/22/13) (PDF; 358Kb)
FGIS 9070.6 Reporting Violations of the U.S. Grain Standards Act & The Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 (05/13/13) (PDF; 21Kb)
FGIS 9100.1 Foreign Quality and Weight Complaints (10/08/98)(PDF; 14Kb)
FGIS 9100.2 Preinspection Plant Visits (05/01/97) (PDF; 6Kb)
FGIS 9100.3 Withholding and Withdrawal of AMA Inspection Services (05/01/97) (PDF; 11Kb)
FGIS 9100.4 Certificate Accountability (05/01/97) (PDF; 6Kb)
FGIS 9100.7 Fees for Official Agency Services (01/03/97) (PDF; 39Kb)
FGIS 9120.1 The Collection and Use of Wheat Variety Type Samples (05/01/97) (PDF; 10Kb)
FGIS 9160.1 Closed Circuit Television Installations (12/15/99) (PDF; 17Kb)
FGIS 9160.3 Parameters for Automated Monitoring and Supervision of Official Weighing (09/04/06) (PDF; 119Kb)
FGIS 9160.4 Grain Handling System Testing (11/25/05) (PDF; 199Kb)
FGIS 9160.5 Official Inspection Laboratory Location, Design and Maintenance Requirements (03/19/12) (PDF; 190Kb)
FGIS 9170.3 Forwarding Samples to the Technical Services Division (07/25/07) (PDF; 34Kb)
FGIS 9170.12 Furnishing Official Samples (05/01/97) (PDF; 13Kb)
FGIS 9170.13 Uniform File Sample Retention System (02/25/08) (PDF; 27Kb)
FGIS 9170.14 FGIS Rolling Stock Fall Protection (08/04/14) (PDF; 186Kb)
FGIS 9180.14 Inspecting Export Grain for Weed and Crop Seeds (08/04/03) (PDF; 87Kb)
FGIS 9180.15 Inspection of Export Lots for Cottonseed (04/07/99) (PDF; 7Kb)
FGIS 9180.16 Inspection of Export Lots of Soybeans for Ragweed Seeds (07/22/99) (PDF; 7Kb)
FGIS 9180.17 Inspection of Export Wheat Lots for Canadian Thistle Seed (01/04/11) (PDF; 78Kb)
FGIS 9180.18 Special Quality Factor Information for Wheat and Malting Barley Shipments to the European Union (04/21/03) (PDF; 8Kb)
FGIS 9180.35 Phytosanitary Inspection (06/11/12) (PDF; 3022Kb)
FGIS 9180.36 Warehouseman's Sample Lot inspections (09/25/06) (PDF; 72Kb)
FGIS 9180.37 Visual inspections (02/27/06) (PDF; 109Kb)
FGIS 9180.38 Falling Number Determination for Wheat (05/20/13) (PDF; 162Kb)
FGIS 9180.40 Pesticide Residue Testing for Grain(03/30/09) (PDF; 77Kb)
FGIS 9180.41 Sacked Grain (04/22/97) (PDF; 35Kb)
FGIS 9180.42 Inspection of Rapeseed (05/01/13) (PDF; 76Kb)
FGIS 9180.47 Examination of Grain for the Presence of TCK Smut Spores (07/24/12) (PDF; 42Kb)
FGIS 9180.48 Stowage Examination Services (04/08/09) (PDF; 96Kb)
FGIS 9180.49 Grading and Certification of Grain Containing Diatomaceous Earth and Silica Gel (09/19/09) (PDF; 14Kb)
FGIS 9180.50 Checkcounting, Observation of Loading, and Checkloading Services (05/22/09) (PDF; 14Kb)
FGIS 9180.51 Inspection of Confectionary Sunflower Seed (05/01/13) (PDF; 93Kb)
FGIS 9180.52 Inspection of Mustard Seed(05/01/13) (PDF; 80Kb)
FGIS 9180.53 Inspection of Safflower Seed (05/01/13) (PDF; 386Kb)
FGIS 9180.54 Fees and Billing for Canola: Oil Content and Gas Chromatographic Determinations of Glucosinolates and Eruic Acid(05/01/07) (PDF; 7Kb)
FGIS 9180.55 Official Commercial Inspection Services (08/01/05) (PDF; 114Kb)
FGIS 9180.56 Testing Corn Gluten Feed for Starch, Fat and Protein (11/23/09) (PDF; 86Kb)
FGIS 9180.58 Modified Observation of Loading Export Farm Service Agency Products(09/30/98) (PDF; 26Kb)
FGIS 9180.59 Composite Sample Analysis For Combined Land Carrier Inspections (04/08/14) (PDF; 22Kb)
FGIS 9180.60 Inspection of Khorasan (05/01/13) (PDF; 116Kb)
FGIS 9180.61 Official Moisture Calibrations For Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA) Compatible Meters (08/01/14) (PDF; 99Kb)
FGIS 9180.63 Inspection of Hulless Oats (05/01/13) (PDF; 69Kb)
FGIS 9180.64 Inspection of Popcorn (05/01/13) (PDF; 87Kb)
FGIS 9180.65 Inspection of Hulless Barley(05/01/13) (PDF; 55Kb)
FGIS 9180.66 Zearalenone Testing (11/04/10) (PDF; 112Kb)
FGIS 9180.67 Letterhead Transgenic and Biotechnology Statements for Grain and Graded Commodities (01/25/07) (PDF; 123Kb)
FGIS 9180.68 Cross Utilization of Equipment (11/27/06) (Issuance Change #3 dated 11/27/06) (PDF; 206Kb)
FGIS 9180.69 Inspection of Whole Buckwheat Groats Purchased bye the Farm Service Agency (05/01/13) (PDF; 46Kb)
FGIS 9180.70 Inspection of Cracked Corn (05/01/13) (PDF; 52Kb)
FGIS 9180.71 Fumonisin Testing Services (07/08/09) (PDF; 509Kb)
FGIS 9180.72 Inspection of Millet Seed (06/12/09) (PDF; 28Kb)
FGIS 9180.73 Inspection of Crambe Seed (04/05/02) (PDF; 11Kb)
FGIS 9180.74 Service Fees and Billing Codes (10/01/14) (PDF; 334Kb)
FGIS 9180.75 Testing for Presence of Waxy Corn (10/15/03) (PDF; 115Kb)
FGIS 9180.76 Inspection of Buckwheat (05/01/13) (PDF; 52Kb)
FGIS 9180.77 Ochratoxin A Testing (04/21/08) (PDF; 257Kb)
FGIS 9180.78 Procedures for Bulk Grain Exported in Containers (09/30/13) (PDF; 180Kb)
FGIS 9180.81 Quality Management Program, Requirements for Official Service Providers (03/25/09) (PDF; 30Kb)
FGIS 9180.81 Template Quality Management Program, Template (03/25/09) (PDF; 47Kb)
FGIS 9180.82 Inspection of Specialty Type Corn (05/01/13) (PDF; 139Kb)
FGIS 9180.83 Inspection for Ragweed Seeds in Lots of Wheat (06/13/13) (PDF; 38Kb)
FGIS 9180.84 National Falling Number Quality Assurance Program (04/23/14) (PDF; 91Kb)
FGIS 9181.2 Performance Verification of Qualitative Mycotoxin and Biotech Rapid Test Kits (03/22/11)(PDF; 46Kb)
FGIS 9181.3 Proficiency Program: Detection of Biotechnology Events (05/02/08) (PDF; 86Kb)
FGIS 9230.1 Licensing Program (09/04/00) (PDF; 175Kb)
FGIS 9230.2 Agricultural Commodity Technician Proficiency Required for Promotion to GS-6 (09/15/08) (PDF; 117Kb)
FGIS 9290.16 Inspection Data Warehouse (IDW) for Grain Program Services (07/30/07) (PDF; 104Kb)
FGIS 9290.17 Fee-Supported Programs - User-Fee Analysis and Funding for Slow Periods and Terminated Programs (05/01/13)(PDF; 23Kb)
FGIS 9290.18 Exception Programs (12/02/10) (PDF; 60Kb)